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About the Chagos Archipelago



During the late 1960s and early 1970s, in order to make way for a major US overseas military base on the Chagos island of Diego Garcia, the UK government forcibly displaced the inhabitants of the Chagos Archipelago.

Many Chagos islanders in Mauritius and Seychelles have suffered chronic impoverishment and marginalisation. In 2002, the UK government awarded UK citizenship to Chagos islanders and their second-generation descendants, many of whom moved to live in the UK, particularly in Crawley (West Sussex), Greater London, and Greater Manchester. 

The transmission of cultural knowledge and artisanal skills is a challenge for the Chagossian community due to geographical dispersal and a lack of cultural, social, and economic capital, and due to the loss of elderly Chagos islanders who have cultural knowledge about Chagos.

Ver lafin bann lane 1960 ek koumansman bann lane 1970, gouvernman Britanik finn derasinn tou bann abitan depi Arsipel Chagos ek finn avoy zot Moris ouswa Sesel. Li finn fer sa pou permet gouvernman Lamerik met enn gran baz militer lor Diego Garcia.

Boukou Chagosien inn pas boukou mizer dan Moris ek Sesel. Pandan lane 2002, bann Chagosien ek zot zanfan deziem zenerasion finn gagn paspor Britanik. Sa finn permet boukou dimounn dan lakominote al rest dan Langleter, sirtou dan Crawley (West Sussex), Lond, ek Manchester.

Lakominote Chagosien inn gagn difikilte pou zot partaz ek protez zot kiltir akoz zot mizer, zot lwin, ek osi akoz bann gran dimounn ki pli konn kiltir Chagosien finn koumans mor enn par enn.