Coconut is the key ingredient of Chagossian cuisine. Seraz is a rich dish of octopus, fish, fowl, green sea turtle, lentils, vegetables, or fruit stewed in coconut milk. Coconut milk is also used in coconut flatbread (roti dile koko). Grated coconut is used in satini koko (coconut chutney). Coconut milk is used in desserts such as doulpiti (coconut pudding), mouf (coconut banana cake), and matouftwa (coconut cake). Flaked coconut is used in nouga koko (coconut crunch). Chagossian dishes that do not use coconut include bouyon (soup), toufe (sauté), and rannmafann, a rich hot rice drink commonly served with matouftwa. This exhibit showcases Chagossian cuisine, providing cookery lesson films recorded in Mauritius and the UK, and recipe cards in Kreol and English.