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Instruments - other

Makalapo: a long curved bwa mang stick planted into the ground which is connected by a string to a sound box buried in a hole in the ground. The sound box resonates when the seated player plucks the string. The makalapo has its own song lyrics.

Bom: a long pole with a wire attached at both ends, and a resonant box, made from a half coconut or calabash, in the middle. The player holds the box against the stomach, and taps the string with a wooden beater.

Zez: a wooden one-stringed, fretted instrument with a resonant box. The player holds the box against the chest while plucking the string.


Instriman - lezot

Makalapo: Li enn long baton ki’nn kourbe ek plante dan later, e ki konekte par enn lakord avek enn kes rezonans antere dan enn trou dan later. Zwer makalapo pins lakord kes rezonans pou tir son ek vibrasion.

Bom: Enn instriman ki fer avek enn long baton dibwa, avek enn kes resonans omilie, ek enn wayarr atase dan tou le de bout dibwa-la. Zwer bob tini kes rezonans kont so lestoma, e li tap difil wayar avek enn ti baton pou fer li vibre.

Zez: Enn instriman an dibwa avek enn sel lakord ek enn kes rezonans ki mizisien tini kont so lestoma.

Other instruments